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    Gorgeous SLS AMG

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    Wangan Midnight//Usual Suspects.

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    IMG_6945 on Flickr.

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    Pagani Zonda Cinque (by - Icy J -)

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    under the hood …

    a look at Nigel Mansell’s & Elio de Angelis’ Lotus 91 at Long Beach, 1982 US West Grand Prix

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  9. Interesting Things I Learned Today


    One of the old winning IMSA Porsche 962 teams used to carry four spare engines for the car but only one spare actually worked. The others were completely void of internals and used for drug smuggling.

    The more you know.

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    Shout out to Mayday for throwing a dope meet, Japanese Nostalgic Car meet. Cars are older than me but for some reason i am really attracted to them. its not a bad thing. wish i had money to get one and restore it. q.q…Gave the photos a old feel to it. didn’t take to much picture just ended up walking and hanging with people i haven’t seen in awhile..and when i did try it was already dark and i didnt have my tripod lol..

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